Jackie Chan Design Zodiac Theme Notebook ~ "Rooster"

FEARLESS: I am a hard worker, shrewed and definite in decision making; often speaking my mind. I am a dreamer, flashy dresser, and extravagant to an extreme.

Each notebook has full color cover artwork, 100 pages, and comes in a choice of 16 different colours:
- Dark Jeans
- Light Jeans
- White
- Khaki
- Black
- Purple Blue
- Violet Blue
- Olive Green
- Aqua
- Purple
- Citrus
- Bright Red
- Light Orange
- Baby Pink
- Dark Yellow
- Blue

(Due to the large number of colors available and the possibility of certain colors being out-of-stock at the time of your order, the color of the notebook cover with your prefered zodiac animal will be chosen at random.)

Zodiac Cloth Notebook - Rooster

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